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Original Sacred Choral Music by R. G. Farrell

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Ave Maria

Universal Mother

Blessed be the human kind that's lost it's way through space and time.
We strive to learn we hope to grow, but often find out progress slow.

Mary, Mother be our guide. Invite all people to your side.
Let all races sing this hymn, as we unite the vict'ry win.

Universal Mother, Love. Shining forth from realms above
Bless us with your love and light, that we may gain divine insight.
Turn you wond'rous gaze our way. Inspire the world to love this day.
For wars will end and strife will cease, when all embrace the Queen Of Peace.


If you click on the titles of the following six anthems, you can hear each piece through your computer's sound card. Please keep in mind that the quality of the sound depends on your computer, and that your midi player cannot play human voice sounds. These examples are provided merely to give you an idea of the melodies and rhythms contained in each piece. Thank you.


Now That Daylight Fills The Sky

The Lord Is My Light ( Psalm 27 )

How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place ( Psalm 84 )

Sing To The Lord ( Psalm 98 )

The Lord Is My Shepherd ( Psalm 23 )

Out Of The Depths ( Psalm 130 )

Anthems for Worship or Communion.

These following works are on the quiet side.

Good Morning Lord

Who Am I?

Come To Me

My Heart Belongs To Jesus

Talk To Me Lord


Forgive Me

You Are The Shepherd

Be As The Lilies

You Hear My Cry

Seasonal Anthems

Forever Near


Rise Up, O Lord!

Good Morning Lord

SATB - Can be used any time

Some of the lyrics:

Like the sun in the morning sky, I fee the warmth upon my mind.

You light the way for me and my day.

Good morning Lord, Good morning.

Like the dew on the morning grass,

You wash my mind from all the sadness past.

You bring to be the goodness in me.

Good morning, Lord.

You bring to me the reason to be.

You wake my soul and make it sing.

You bring me light to show me the way;

To brighten the night; to liven our day...

Who Am I?

SATB - Easy - Great for communion

Some of the lyrics

My song is for the Lord, my savior's love to me.

Love to loveless shown, that I might lovely be.

Who am I that for my sake the Lord should die for me?

He came from His blest home; salvation to bestow.

He showed us all the way, that we might come to say....

Who am I that for my sake.

Come to me

SATB - Can be used any time

Some of the lyrics:

As the rain will come in Spring to feed the grass and make it sing,

So will Jesus come to me; the answer to my dream.

As the sun will rise to shine and light the world of space and time,

So will Jesus shine on me; the answer to my dream.

Come to me Jesus.......Come to me Jesus.

As the warmth of Summer breeze will melt my thoughts of Winter needs,

So will Jesus come to me; the answer to my dream

My Heart Belongs to Jesus

SATB - Easy - Works any time

Some of the lyrics:

The Sun belongs in the heavens above, and the grass belongs below.

And where do people turn when things go wrong?

Where do they place their trust?

Who hears their song?

My heart belongs to Jesus.

My heart belongs to the Lord.

My heart belongs to my Savior, to Jesus Christ the Lord.

The birds belong to the sky so blue, and the fish belong in the sea.

And where do we belong?

The place is here within the heart of God where there is no fear.

My heart belongs to Jesus.......

Talk to me lord

SATB - 3rd Sunday of Easter - Any time

Some of the lyrics:

Talk to me my Jesus.

Talk to me my Lord.

Help me pass the day, and let me learn your ways.

Talk to me Jesus, talk to me Lord.

Walk with me my Jesus.

Walk with me my Lord.

Let me know you're near.

Just whisper in my ear.

Talk to me Jesus, your voice I long to hear.

Lord talk to me Jesus, it's you who calms my fear...

Talk to me Jesus


SATB - Theme of Christian Love

Some of the lyrics:

Love is a treasure that no one should hide.

Love is why Jesus came here for and died.

Show him you know Him.

Show Him you care.

Love one another as if He were there.

Love me, I'll love you and then you will see.

Christlike devotion within you and me.

Touch me with kindness brought forth from above.

Whisper the reasons we know of His love.

Love me, I'll love you and Jesus will say:

"Bless all who love Me for they know the way."

Forgive me

SATB - 8th Sunday After Epiphany

Some of the lyrics:

Lord Jesus, I think I've failed you again.

I think you know.

I tried so hard to follow You, but Lord, it's not so easy.

My Master, I think I've hurt You again.

Will You forgive me?

And help me to try again.

You Are The Shepherd

SATB - 4th Sunday of Easter

Some of the lyrics:

You are the shepherd and I am your lamb.

You are my God, and I but man.

You know all the reasons and you know all the rhymes, let me serve forever.

Until the end of time.

I long to know you. I long to be...beside the shepherd, among His sheep.

I long to hear you when you might say: "Come here beside Me.

You're here to stay."

The world's your pasture, my soul you own.

And if I fall away I know you'll lead me home.

You know all the reasons.....

Be As The Lilies


(This has a long, quiet piano introduction)

Why must you worry?

Worry and fear for all the wrong things in life?

Do you not know your Heavenly Father knows your needs and wants?

Be as the lilies of the fields.

Be thou content with your beauty, and for tomorrow worry not,

But seek first His Kingdom, and His righteousness.

You Hear My Cry

SATB - Very Introspective

Some of the lyrics:

My heart is tired and broken.

My thoughts remain unspoken.

But I will bear the pain for I know that You are near, Lord Jesus.

My day is long and lonely.

The nights so dark and empty.

But I will bear the weight, and I'll try for Jesus' sake.

And I know you're there, and I know you care. You hear my cry.

And I know someday, You'll erase the pain. O Lord, Jesus.

Forever Near

( The women of Jerusalem weep for Jesus )

SSA - Maundy Thursday - Good Friday

Oh my Lord. Stay, my Lord.

Life is empty without You.

Stay with me, can't you see all the good that can be?

Stay forever. Leave me never. Touch me, heal me, let me be near forever.

Jesus, you are so strong. How could things go so wrong?

Oh sweet Jesus. O my Jesus. Touch me, heal me.

Let me be near forever.

Rise my Lord. Stand my Lord. Show the power within You.

Rise and say: "I"ll live today, live for now and forever."

Stay for ever.

Jesus, you must arise. Father help him survive.

Oh sweet Jesus......

Lord, you're dying. See us crying.

Jesus, you are my love. Cry for help from above.

O sweet Jesus..Touch me, heal me.

Let me be near forever.....


SATB - Good Friday - Very Dramatic

Some of the lyrics:

Crucifixus etiam pro nobis.

By the blood that flows from Thee I have caused Thy agony.

With each sinful way and deed, I have nailed Thee to the tree.

Please forgive me Prince so pale.

Hanging there so helplessly, if only I could fight for Thee.

Jesus my Savior. Crucifixus etiam pro nobis.

Rise Up O Lord!

SATB - Easy - Upbeat - Easter Season

Some of the lyrics:

"I Am the Resurrection and the Life," says the Lord.

"Believe in Me although you might die, I'll bring you back to life."

Rise up O Lord, You are the King of Glory.

Rise up O Lord, save us on Easter morning.

Rise up O Lord.

You bring salvation to me..