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Now That Daylight Fills The Sky

Difficulty Rating: 4 ( 1 represents easy, and 10 would be difficult )

Intended Season: For all seasons.

Instrumentation: SATB and piano

Performance Time: 3:20 minutes

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Composition Lyrics:

Now that daylight fills the sky,

I lift my heart up to God on high.

That He in all I do or say

Would keep me free from harm today.

Keep me free from harm today.

Now that daylight fills my eyes,

I feel the Spirit within me rise.

The morning Sun now melts the dew,

And I renew my love for You,

I renew my love for You.

And help me through the day,

When things get in the way

I'll call You, I'll call You.

I know you care.

I know that You will always be there.

And if I ever fall, and if I lose it all,

I'll call You, I'll call You

I'll call upon Your Name.

Now Your Wonder fill my mind.

I can see it all the time.

And all the world sing praises due,

To all the majesty in You,

To the majesty in You.

Performance notes:

This is a wonderful anthem to compliment any morning service.

The words and music join to help you re-affirm your love for God as you start your day anew.

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