Purchasing a Choral Work

You can purchase one copy of any choral work by R.G. Farrell for $9.95. With that one copy you have the composer's permission to duplicate as many copies as your choir needs. You will receive the full score, not just the choral parts. If the anthem includes instruments, I will include separate parts for them as well. All transposing instruments will have their music in the proper transposed key.

I don't deal with credit cards, so after I receive your check for $9.95 I will immediately send out your one copy with the written permission to copy.

After an initial purchase, you will have then created the "good faith" that would allow me to offer you perusal rights. I could then send you up to any three works for your inspection before you decide to purchase.

My objective is to create a working relationship with choral directors so that I get to know them and what their choirs like. Then, as I continue to write new anthems monthly, I will periodically e-mail my customers with updates of new anthems, and on which dates they would be liturgically appropriate.

To purchase a choral work send a check for $9.95 to:

Superior Sound Works

RD #1 Box 17

Cowansville, Pa. 16218

Don't forget to include the title of the composition you wish to purchase.

Also include your return address so I know where to send it.

I would also suggest that you e-mail me as well,

so I can prepare your copy ahead of time.