Commissioning an Original Work

Many churches across the country are now budgeting monies to use in commissioning composers to create new music for the church.

My latest commission was for the 175th Anniversary of a Lutheran Church.

It is an exciting thing for a choir to work on music that has never been sung before. They get to take part in the development of a new creation.

I base my fee on $30.00 per page. A typical anthem usually has 5 pages with eight measures per page. That would cost around $150.00. That amount is very reasonable for an original work of art. More important for the church, it creates great morale and motivation for the choir that will first perform it.

In addition, I work with the choir that will be performing it. I find out the strengths and weaknesses of that group and work around that. I also let you pick the liturgical theme that will determine the text. If you want me to include instruments other than piano or organ, that too is possible. We work together.

If you wish to talk to me further, contact me via e-mail.